A CYENS & TMS production cLick here to see the team behind the organization. Couldn't be more proud, both for my team and the final result 
TMS Team rep.
Visual communication & Documentation : Maria loizou, Giorgos Dimoglou
Technical Support: Stratis pandelides, Marios Charalambous, Alexis Charalambous
Coordination: Kyriaki Yiakoupi, Tania Malek
Curation: Stella Taousiani, Marios Constantinides
Creative direction: Marios Constantinides. 
As stated by its name, WIP festival embraces the notion that both art and research are a Work in Progress. As such, it features a program of workshops, discussions, and presentations that focuses on the creative processes. Effectively, the works on display are considered as in process products open to an active engagement between the observer and the creator and encouraging a dialogue on the impact of technology on our society and contemporary culture.
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