TMS Team contribution.
Marios constantinides Planinng, overview, Drive
Stratis Pandelides & Alexis Charalambous  on programing and electronics
Marios Charalambous on Modeling, buildup and laser cutting  
Giorgos Dimoglou Documentation
Special THanks to Joelle Bitton and Kevin Hinz
Ecperimenting With a Photogrametry model of Aphrodite collected from the Cyprus archeological, Helinistic collection. Contemplaiting potentials in conservation and reconstruction posibilities in archeological finds.  
Playing around with layer hight and width but also speed of extrusion, with custom desing, while imagining possibilities for pasive aircooling, insulation and packaging.   
TMS Workshop Turning the Wheel.  The premise for the extruders creation
Kevin Hinz & Joelle Bitton as visiting researchers,
 Stella Taousiani organizing this amazing trip of a workshop. 
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