Infinite Pattern
An Experimentation series on laser cutting and printmaking. A mixed media journey on the infinite possibilities of pattern work. Along side Experimenting with flaws of materials in structured environments and using the worst kind of wood and #lasercutting, aka cheating for the best kind of printmaking. #woodblock . Work got featured at Paris Printmaking bienalle.
Collaborative print done with, @omrspnyds on type, typography, riso. Me on the illustration, composition, printmaking and text  AΛΛΑΞΕCΕΞΑΛΛΑ is a palindrome text, that can translate in english as,  "you have changed erratically".
In Search of Common Myth - Pafos-Leeuwarden
The object of my myth is, The Journey Its title, the moment of arrival Its form, a visually represented question. What’s scarier? Moving from the dark towards the light or from the light towards the dark? What would be the experience of an egg when placed on a ledge between these two options? Note: Eggs cannot stay still vertically unless they are laid on a soft surface or have one of their tips broken.
Elementa .02 Nicosia
Residency exhibition at Artseen Gallery. Once again exploring pattern-work and myth in the search of emotional ties to pretty little things and random results that just feel right .
Patterns and Symbols "in Search of Identity"-Exhibition
An In-progress, visual research journal  While working as a freelance illustrator of antiquities, I have been recording patterns and symbols that I encounter in archives, museums and Cypriot archaeological sites. Depicting selected patterns and symbols in sequence and in contrast with each other, I am aiming to map potential evolutions and migrations of notions and narratives within ancient Cypriot found artwork. This exhibition is the first step in documenting my personal journey through this newly found language. 
Illustration, Fashion, Pattern Design
Personal Exhibition
Team members: Marios Constantinides, illustration Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert, Photographer If we could think of one building that best exemplifies the troubled history of Cyprus, that would be the Ledra Palace Hotel. Once praised as the jewel of Cypriot modernity in the heart of Nicosia, now a crumbling dwelling accommodating the United Nations Peacekeeping Force next to the “Green Line”. History and memory can be seen as constructions highlighting specific versions of reality and silencing others. We used the “loaded” space of Ledra Palace Hotel to replay augmented versions of moments in time that can be observed humorously, from a different perspective. The Ledra Palace becomes a stage were different actors perform their pre-described roles. To create these collages and GIFs, we used photographs from the archives of two of the most important photojournalists who worked in the middle of the 20th century, Felix Yiaxis and George Vatiliotis. Their photographs can now be found in the photographic archive of the Public Information Office (PIO), Cyprus.
Fine Arts
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