WIP (Work in Progress) Festival is an ever-evolving series of activities and exhibitions focused on arts & technology synergies. Organized by CYENS Centre of Excellence together with esteemed collaborators, the festival is breaking new ground in the east Mediterranean, aiming to become an annual reference point for scientists and creatives experimenting at the intersection of Arts, Science and Technology.
TMS (Thinker Maker Space)
For almost four years now I have been appointed the responsibility of setting up and  managing a digital fabrication and rapid prototyping workshop for CYENS Coe and the Nicosia Municipality. It has been a long journey but a rewording one none the less. ThinkerMakerSpace has been running now for the past three years while its constantly being updated with new equipment, materials and services. Page cover : soft robotics projects developed by my team in collaboration with resident artists, Marissa Satsia
Paste Extruder
The custom, data-controlled (CNC) Paste Extruder, designed and built by the makerspace team, serves as a medium of engagement with local materiality. It also offers a platform for learning, teaching, and experimenting. It’s 1st task: 3D printing clay. Local and visiting collaborators helped bring this task to fruition during the “Turning the Wheel” event (11-23 May 2022). Build details with some initial parameters can be found at https://wikifactory.com/@kh/turning-the-wheel Future aims consist of acquiring more expertise surrounding additive manufacturing; bigger and better ceramic prints, possible organic paste recipes and large format (recycling plastics) pellet extrusion.
Aquaponic System
An aquaponic prototype for small scale garden ponds with a high enough yield for a small household. One can see a first 3d model to prototype made in rhino and a running experiment made with Ibc tanks and common pool plumbing scource from collaborator Ttofis from Ttofis pools & chemicals. Scroll further for any updates.
The Geodesic Dome is an experimental project of the Thinker Maker Space (TMS) team; a dome structure with a variety of digitally fabricated modular joints designed to allow for it to be scaled up or down. Intending to afford flexibility to the user in creating different types and sizes of geodesic domes, the design offers liberty in expanding the possibilities of customization and digital fabrication o new versions with ease of tinkering with variables such as size and thickness of the material.
Underwater Photogrametry
A collaboration between CYENS’s ITICA and Thinker Maker Space with the Cyprus Marine & Maritime Institute and the Larnaka Tourism Board. A number of diving routes in the underwater coastline of Larnaka are being mapped and virtually recreated in 360º videos and recostructions
Infinite Pattern
An Experimentation series on laser cutting and printmaking. A mixed media journey on the infinite possibilities of pattern work. Along side Experimenting with flaws of materials in structured environments and using the worst kind of wood and #lasercutting, aka cheating for the best kind of printmaking. #woodblock . Work got featured at Paris Printmaking bienalle.
Collaborative print done with, @omrspnyds on type, typography, riso. Me on the illustration, composition, printmaking and text  AΛΛΑΞΕCΕΞΑΛΛΑ is a palindrome text, that can translate in english as,  "you have changed erratically".
In Search of Common Myth - Pafos-Leeuwarden
The object of my myth is, The Journey Its title, the moment of arrival Its form, a visually represented question. What’s scarier? Moving from the dark towards the light or from the light towards the dark? What would be the experience of an egg when placed on a ledge between these two options? Note: Eggs cannot stay still vertically unless they are laid on a soft surface or have one of their tips broken.
Elementa .02 Nicosia
Residency exhibition at Artseen Gallery. Once again exploring pattern-work and myth in the search of emotional ties to pretty little things and random results that just feel right .
Patterns and Symbols " In Search of Identity "-Book
Publications and Subject form of my personal exhibition Patterns and Symbols " In Search of Identity " Presented here both in Pictures and e-book format. In case you want to acquire it in its physical form follow the link to 'Αλατου Shop on the left hand side of your screen.
Book Arts, Personal Exhibition, Publication
Patterns and Symbols "in Search of Identity"-Exhibition
An In-progress, visual research journal  While working as a freelance illustrator of antiquities, I have been recording patterns and symbols that I encounter in archives, museums and Cypriot archaeological sites. Depicting selected patterns and symbols in sequence and in contrast with each other, I am aiming to map potential evolutions and migrations of notions and narratives within ancient Cypriot found artwork. This exhibition is the first step in documenting my personal journey through this newly found language. 
Illustration, Fashion, Pattern Design
Personal Exhibition
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